The How To Of Success

 Silhouette of hiking man jumping over the mountainsI believe we all have an inner champion, to win at the game of life you have to be a hungry competitor. I believe skills can can be built and nurtured to improve who you are today to anyone that’s willing. Michael Jordan was successful because he didn’t give up. When he first tried out for his high school basketball team, would you be surprised to know he didn’t make the cut. Can you imagine how life would be for millions of kids and adults that were inspired by his greatness had there been no Michael Jordan. So how did he turn it around? He made a decision to learn everything there is to know about the game. He would start early and finish late until he knew every inch of the court. He is a success because he put in the work to be a champion. In business similarly, key ingredients are needed to be of benefit, the first knowledge of your business and people skills. I believe a lasting success is found in the balance of these two skills. Did you know that candidates that had more experience failed to get the contract or job over people with greater people skills. So It’s not just what you learn on the court or in the boardrooms that gives you “the edge” it’s also the communication off the court and out of the office that complete the package.

1.) Be Hungry! Have a realistic goal in mind and do whatever it takes to achieve.

2.) Learn from people that are successful Books, videos, study people, find a mentor.

3.) Take Action Everyday have a plan to do something towards your goal.

A great article a few years ago I like to refer to. A Formula For Success

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