Income+Business/Career = ?

 Were you ever asked how you would like to live or what kind of lifestyle you wanted? Have you thought about matching that lifestyle to your business or profession? Figuring out what you need for your desired lifestyle will show you how much you need to earn for your future. Get closer to your dream.
Income+Business/Career = lifestyle

Paul’s Spagetti House

Paul’s Spaghetti House 488 Cosburn Ave. Toronto 416-422-4362
I discovered this restaurant through a family friend and it did not disappoint. If you love Italian you’ll love this place. “Take home meals” What I mean is you can’t eat it all in one sitting. (the portions are quite filling.) As they say in Donny Brasco Forgetaboutit! Your next attempt at that same meal takes place at home. A couple of locals loved the Alfredo and the seafood linguini. The only reoccurring theme that needs attention is the slow service . A warm place for a couple or a family , did I also mention affordable. Whatever you eat I’m sure you’ll enjoy!



Avoid rental scams in Toronto

I would like to say first that 99 percent of the people I do business with are fair and honest. However, that 1 percent can quickly make your life a living hell. Renting or buying in my opinion can be an emotional roller coaster ride, so these tips are to help bring you closer to making the right decision.
Ask for a lease agreement
Most criminals are lazy. They’re looking for the quick buck. If they have a lease read it over for name address etc. to make sure it’s legit.
Check out the property and look around.
Ring the bell, their might be a tenant that can answer you questions.
Cash payment.
A cash payment is the ideal situation for any scam artist.(Can’t be traced) Write a cheque to a person or company not cash and always get a receipt for your payment.
They can”t show you the property.
Now keep in mind Some investors are overseas, but almost always have a recognized management company to represent them.
They are pushing you to make a quick decision.
I have never made a good decision when I’m pushed and that can be a telling sign. Use you judgement.
They want payment up front without meeting or viewing property.
Taking anything site un seen is never a good idea.
Be sceptical and always remember the best deal isn’t always the best move.

5 Ways To Use a Concierge Service

IMG_0933Out with friends. A place to stay. A concert. Family time. Are you missing out? Hectic schedules can leave little time to do what matters. Life can easily pass you by, but it doesn’t have to. That’s where a concierge service can help. Originally found behind desks at luxury hotels serving high profile guests and Celebrities the concept has expanded personally and professionally. Concierge Services can now be found in almost every city. They handle outsourcing for businesses and can act as personal assistants for executives & Celebrities. As people try to fit more hours in a day at work and at home you can see how it’s a growing industry. Below are some suggestions as to why using a concierge can improve organizing your life one task at a time.

 Here are 5 ways to get the most out of a concierge service and improve your quality of life.

Save time Instead of trying to handle everything yourself, they can save you time by running your errands and paying your bills.
Reliability A reliable concierge can look after your family and friends while your working or out of town. Manage your property, organize your home and can even shop for you.
Experience By hiring a professional you get a highly skilled person that knows the city, your needs and how to get things done.
Increased flexibility Hiring a concierge service frees up your time so you have more flexibility to attend the things that are most important to you.
Makes Sense Instead of hiring several people for specific tasks, save time and money by hiring an experienced concierge that can handle it all. It will reduce your costs and save you time.

I hope this short example of what a concierge can do for your lifestyle helps and remember the only limit to exceptional services is your imagination.

How to Enjoy life on your terms.

Want a Better Job? Would you like to start a new business that your passionate about?

Design the life you want. Find a better job, start a business that you’ve been thinking about. Take a nice vacation. Have higher standards for yourself. I’m sure when you started out in life you didn’t say I’ll take the average life or the mediocre one instead. Design the life you have always wanted and begin living life on your terms.

Looking for a rental in Toronto? Caveat Emptor

Trying to find a rental in the city of Toronto is tough enough, now you must be aware of clever scams to separate you from your money. Toronto Police have discovered fake rental ads being created online with photos taken from MLS sites directed at would be renters in Toronto.

Here are 5 things to look for to avoid being scammed.

1.) If the price is TGTBT! Too good to be true. Be prepared search online for that area and find rental prices. You’ll get an idea of what you should be paying.

2.) If its a condo ask concierge about the suite. A condo concierge is a wealth of knowledge and information, treat them right and they’ll tell you what you need to know.

3.) Rental Management companies Search for reputable rental companies in the area and ask for references.

4.) Ask neighbours This is when you appreciate nosy neighbours. Ask questions like who is renting now and if they know anything that might help you make a better decision about the property.

5.) Google search Last but not least do a google search on the property, the owner/company and do a separate search on scams in that area involving rentals.

The better prepared you are before your search greatly reduces your risk of being taken advantage.